Joshua Hutt

I've worked and consulted at 20+ companies over the last 10 years.

I've built platforms, systems, and frameworks with a diverse crowd of customers, developers, and founders.

I will work with you—and your team, if you have one—to:

  1. Plan out what to build, prioritizing traction and cost-efficiency. The mission is to build apps and features that recoups their costs.

  2. Build and iterate quickly and dynamically. Usually, an idea seems complete in your head, but it needs to be tested in "the crucible of reality." We'll build your idea fast, so you can try it yourself and decide what needs to be changed.

  3. Ship the product early and get it in the hands of your customers. The sooner we can get it into customers hands, the sooner we can get the two biggest drivers of traction: feedback and revenue. We'll collect both of those and put them back into the business.

Are you willing to discuss what you want to build?

I will give you honest feedback for free.

If you're ready...

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